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Why we should take note of the leaked celebrity nude pictures

It’s disturbing to think that right now, on the internet, the leading and trending topics are about illegally leaked nude photographs of some of our favourite celebrities.  Let us remind you that they had no intention of sharing these images with the world, yet millions of people have seen them, because a user on 4chan […]

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the good it is – or isn’t – doing

We’ve heard of #neknominations, #raknominations and #nomakeupselfies, but the latest craze in viral charity drives is #ALSicebucketchallenge. Most of our news feeds are clogged up with posts by celebrities dousing themselves in icy water in the name of a charity to create awareness for different serious afflictions suffered by millions. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the latest […]

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Downton Abbey uses publicity faux pas for good

Hot off of the heels of a publicity photo blunder, the cast and crew of Downton Abbey did something amazing to promote the efforts of WaterAid. The blunder: A photo of the The Earl and Lady Edith was released for the launch of the latest season of Downton Abbey. However, a similar, uncropped version of […]

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