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Time management

At the end of our previous article about creating a “digital portfolio“, we touched on the topics of digital strategies when user traffic and/or engagement increases on your pages. The key to any successful strategy is time management. Here are some of our top tips: Cut out distractions: when starting off your 8 – 10 […]

Digital project management

Your digital portfolio

In this day and age, having digital representation can make all of the difference to your business and/or brand. You can opt for social media only or build yourself a nifty website to showcase even more of what your brand is about and pair the two to work together. Your “digital portfolio” is the collection of […]


How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

Not too long ago we were browsing the web for inspiration, but not for a motivational picture, for inspiration that would push us forward and keep us focused. This is when we found Simon Sinek, the best-selling author of “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last“, and speaker at TED. For more on Simon Sinek, click […]

Social media platforms

The Platforms of Digital Communication – Continued

If you didn’t find a social media platform that suited your audience in our previous post about platforms of digital communication, here are a few more options to consider: Tumblr: humour can be found almost anywhere on the internet, but that’s what Tumblr is most popular for. However, it can be serious, if you want […]


The platforms of digital communication

Yesterday we spoke about important questions in our post, “The basics of digital communication“. As this is a series of posts to help you get your brand on the web, we’re picking up where we left off: researching possible platforms for your brand. You can stick to one or go with multiple platforms, as long […]


The age of new media

Watching a video as soon as you log on to Facebook or Twitter is not a priority for most users, especially not if it clicks away from your profile, but this video grabbed our attention instantly. This advertisement by Volkswagen doesn’t just illustrate the power of new media brilliantly, it also has an incredibly powerful […]


The basics of digital communication

The entire digital realm can be daunting if you’re new to it. Here’s the first tip to getting started. Get to know your platforms: the effectiveness of any form of digital communication depends on using the right platform for your brand. Ask yourself key questions like: – What are my clients predominantly using to stay […]