Digital Presence launches two game-changing products

With the digisphere ever changing, we here at DP thought we should jump the gun and add a few more epic products to our list. Advertising design for print and web We’re a funny, creative bunch and after much deliberation, we decided to take advantage of our unique flair and launched our creative advertising division […]


Moving Pictures – The Oscars Of Advertising

Much to the disappointment of many a bibliophile, people tend not to read as much anymore. In fact, not reading, is becoming a marketing trend. You may be more familiar with more traditional way of marketing such as a catchy phrase spread across an invigorating image of your favourite beer. Well, even though we are […]

Investing in your website

How much you should spend on your website

Apart from setting up your internet connection with your provider, the internet is pretty much free, right? So why invest an exorbitant amount on your brand’s website? Why invest anything more than the bare minimum? Because skill, that’s why. Here, let me break it down for you: So, you’re browsing on le interwebs. You’re searching for, […]

internet explorer 8

Why FNB ditching Internet Explorer 8 is big news

Please note that this piece is an opinion piece based on current events. If you haven’t heard of First National Bank kicking IE8 to the curb, well, now you know. Their reasoning is this: “FNB cannot be restricted by the limitations Internet Explorer 8 imposes on our ability to develop a world class Online Banking system” and have […]

Digital project management

Your digital portfolio

In this day and age, having digital representation can make all of the difference to your business and/or brand. You can opt for social media only or build yourself a nifty website to showcase even more of what your brand is about and pair the two to work together. Your “digital portfolio” is the collection of […]


The basics of digital communication

The entire digital realm can be daunting if you’re new to it. Here’s the first tip to getting started. Get to know your platforms: the effectiveness of any form of digital communication depends on using the right platform for your brand. Ask yourself key questions like: – What are my clients predominantly using to stay […]